Resource for stability problem

Hiii, my questions are about stability problems at USCG question. Do you know online resource or books which is really helpful to understand and pass from that exam?

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Actually, I bought online course and it was helpful, but it is almost around 100-150$ I dunno remember

i don’t remember the book name but you can search and browse the reviews. So you can find the appropriate one for u

Stability Problems for USCG Exams | Practical Navigator Training

I suggest this course. Hopr sharing link is okay


It is allowed to share reliable resources.

Thank you

Read book review from Amazon, and watch some free videos to understand


Thank you sir, does trial version exist?

Do any maritime-specific online courses exist?


Dear Ferdinand, you use the following links as valuable resources.

  1. STCW Basic training courses online, Liberia approved

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Thank you admin for linkss