Maritime Labour Convention

Our today’s topic is Maritime Labour Convention’s requirement. Requirments are followings

The Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) is divided into 5 main parts which are:

  • 1.

    Minimum Requirements for seafarers to work on ships

    1)Minimum age

    2)Medical certificate

    3)Training and certifications

    4)Recruitment and placement

  • 2.

    Conditions of Employment
    1) Seafarer’s Employment Agreement
    3)Hours of rest and hours of work
    4)Manning level
    5)Entitlement to leave
    7)Seafarer compensation for ship’s loss or foundering
    8)Career and skill development

  • 3.

    Accommodation & Recreation, Food and Catering
    1)Accommodation and recreational facilities
    2)Food and catering

  • 4.

    Medical Care, Welfare and Social Security Protection
    1)Medical care on board and ashore
    2)Ship owner’s liability
    3)Health, safety protection and accident prevention
    4)Access to shore based welfare facilities
    5)Social Security

  • 5.

    Compliance and Enforcement
    1)Flag state responsibility
    2)Authorization of RO, ( classicfations)
    3)Inspection and enforcement
    4)Port State Responsibilities
    5)Maritime labor certificate
    6)On board compliance procedures
    7)Marine Casualties
    8)Labor Supplying responsibilities

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