Essential Books for the Cruiser's Library?

Which essential books do you know guys for the Cruiser’s Library? what is your experience?

“The Annapolis Book of Seamanship: Third Edition, Completely Revised, Expanded and Updated” John Rousmaniere

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“How to Sail Around the World : Advice and Ideas for Voyaging Under Sail” Hal Roth

“Bowditch”, The American Practical Navigator. It is THE navigators Bible. It has more information about navigation, oceanography, weather and other related things than any one human brain could possibly ever absorb. Its almost the size of a phone book but amazingly inexpensive for what you get at 33 bucks. Its hundreds of hours of interesting stuff just browsing through it. There is more to life than GPS.

any Beth Leonard books

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I read a lot of book but I should look my book collection to say their name