Sources to follow on updates about Vessel Certificate Requirements


Are there any good, reliable online resources to keep updated on any vessel certification requirements?


hi @aydin-mammadov
generally these certifications are on MOUs or Certification Societies’ websites. the are both public.
also IMO has a website you can check:

Certainly! Here are three reliable online resources to keep updated on vessel certification requirements:

  1. International Maritime Organization (IMO): The IMO is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for regulating shipping. Their website provides information on international maritime conventions, protocols, and amendments relating to vessel certification.
  2. Classification Societies: Organizations such as Lloyd’s Register, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and DNV GL offer services related to vessel classification and certification. Their websites typically provide insights and updates on certification requirements.
  3. National Maritime Authorities: Depending on the country of interest, national maritime authorities (like the U.S. Coast Guard for the USA) have dedicated webpages or portals that provide guidelines and updates related to vessel certifications and regulations.