Is interpersonal skill important?

The importance of interpersonal skills is mentioned in every industry. Although physical power is seen as the primary tool to succeed in the maritime industry, interpersonal skill is still essential for seafarers. What do you think? Is interpersonal skill important? How do you improve your interpersonal skill?

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As the number of people on board ships is limited, there are high chances of ego clashes and dissatisfaction among crew members. As important it is to avoid politics on ships, equally important it is to enhance interpersonal relationship between people on board to ensure that all jobs are done smoothly and safety. As the result, I consider is mandatory for seafarers

The morning meeting, which is conducted to assign work to team members, is the best time to get all the crew members together. It is necessary that crew members talk to each other during such meetings and discuss their views and opinions.

Each member should be given a chance to provide suggestions regarding improvement of work process and safety precautions to be taken. This activity gives members a sense of responsibility and importance and also works a great deal in enhancing their performance and interpersonal relationship.


people are fresh at morning and since still no stress, it is good time to make friendship. Moreover, people can talk about about day’s plan etc, so a lot of topics are available during breakfast


Good idea, being happy makes person more motivated to work, therefore happy employee’s productivity is high. Since, teamwork increase happiness of employee, it has positive impact on their performance


exactly what I mean, employee take responsibility when he or she is happy, in other case, employee just wait for leave job

It is often seen that post working hours, officers and crew members spend time in their own rooms instead of getting together in officer or crew lounge. Watching movies and playing games in free time is a solid way to know each other and build great relationships both on and off work.