What is the most valuable vessel information for ship suppliers, agents and and service providers?

This could be voyage-related information, vessel technical/commercial details or anything else you can think of. Which one of these are the hardest to find but are highly desirable?

Thank you.

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great question @aydin-mammadov . actually, in addition to contact details that people are looking for, the vessels’ technical information is also important. mainly, these info are in PMS systems but in public.

I think most valuable informations for suppliers are:

  • Manager company contact information,
  • Ship location,
  • Arrival port,
  • Estimated Time Arrival,
  • Last supply date

the last point, which is Last supply date, who and how do they track this @furkan-zblbl ?

In my opinion, suppliers may want to follow this information to be sure of their ship needs. For example, a supplier supplying food can be sure that any of the ships arriving at the port needs food. But I am not sure how they follow and how they will follow.

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