What are the advantages of enlisting my company on MagicPort and how is it different from other marine directories?

Creating and maintaining your company profile on MagicPort is a great way to gain global visibility and exposure to potential buyers and partners. What sets us apart from the rest is

  • Quality and Trust: MagicPort is a global platform of trusted ship suppliers, service providers, shipping agencies, shipyards, and other marine players, not a general maritime business directory. Only the companies that pass quality and reliability assessment, including certification and reference checks are accepted as members.
  • Appear on top search results: We allocate significant resources to search engine optimization and our members’ company profiles appear in top search results in major search engines.
  • Easy-to-manage profiles: MagicPort’s simple and intuitive interface allows our members to easily create and update their company profiles in minutes, without any technical expertise.
  • Strong customer support: We provide dedicated support to our members in creating, managing, and maintaining their up-to-date company profiles, including the creation and handover of the initial profile page, member training and more.
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