Supporting AIS data with additional layers of information


What additional sources of data are available that can be used in combination with the basic AIS info to increase the accuracy and reliability of vessel voyage information, particularly with poor AIS station coverage.



To enhance the accuracy and reliability of vessel voyage information, especially in areas with limited AIS station coverage, you can consider integrating the following additional data sources:

  • Satellite Data: Utilizing satellite-based AIS provides broader coverage, including open oceans where terrestrial AIS has limitations.
  • LRIT Data (Long Range Identification and Tracking): Offers global tracking of vessels and can complement AIS data.
  • Vessel Reporting Systems: Such as VMS (Vessel Monitoring Systems) used by fisheries, can provide additional tracking information.
  • Port Data and Logs: Information from port authorities and vessel logbooks can offer insights into vessel movements and schedules.
  • Weather and Ocean Current Data: Integrating meteorological and oceanographic data can help predict vessel movements more accurately.
  • Historical Data Analysis: Analyzing historical voyage data can assist in predicting vessel behaviors and routes.

These sources, when combined with AIS data, can significantly improve the comprehensiveness and reliability of vessel tracking and voyage information.

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