Big Data in Maritime Industry


Huge amount of vessel positional and navigational data for hundreds of thousands of vessels is being generated on a daily basis via AIS system.

I was wondering how this data could be used in big data modeling…

What could be useful applications of big data products models in maritime industry?

Are there any examples of big data applications in shipping industry?


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Hello Aydin,

The vast amounts of vessel positional and navigational data generated daily via the AIS system can be harnessed for big data modeling to optimize shipping routes, forecast port congestion, and enhance maritime safety. By analyzing this data, stakeholders can predict maintenance needs, thereby reducing operational costs and increasing vessel lifespan. Furthermore, big data can aid in monitoring and mitigating environmental impacts, such as analyzing fuel consumption to devise more eco-friendly routes. Examples in the shipping industry include Maersk’s use of big data for predictive maintenance and the use of analytics by various ports to optimize cargo handling and reduce turnaround times.