Port Calls During National Holidays

Hi all! I was wondering what happens when a port call happens during a National Holiday at that port.
Does this have an impact on the overall operations of ship suppliers and agencies, and if so how is the ship notified about holidays ahead of time, and do they take any precautions to ensure all operations regarding the port call and resupply request are completed without any disruptions?

@ruzgar-zere what I found, may be useful for you:

When a port call occurs during a national holiday, it can indeed impact the overall operations of ship suppliers, agencies, and other port services, as many businesses and government offices might be closed or operating with limited staff. This can result in delays or disruptions to port services such as resupply, cargo handling, and customs clearance.

To mitigate potential issues arising from a national holiday, the ship’s management and relevant agencies typically take the following steps:

Advance notification: The ship’s agent, who acts as a liaison between the ship and the port, usually informs the ship’s master about any upcoming holidays in advance. This information can also be found in maritime publications and notices to mariners issued by port authorities.

Schedule adjustment: The ship’s schedule might be adjusted to avoid calling at the port during the holiday or to arrive earlier or later than initially planned, depending on the availability of services.

Prioritize operations: In cases where the port call cannot be rescheduled, the ship’s management and agent will coordinate with port authorities and service providers to prioritize essential operations and resupply requests. This may involve submitting requests and documentation in advance to minimize delays.

Contingency plans: The ship’s management may have contingency plans in place to handle situations where services are not available due to the holiday. This could include carrying additional provisions or making arrangements for alternative port calls if necessary.

While the above steps can help minimize disruptions during a port call on a national holiday, it is still possible that some delays or operational challenges may occur. Communication and coordination between the ship, its agent, and the port authorities are crucial to ensure smooth port operations during such times.

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In the maritime industry, unfortunately, it does not have much impact on operations, including national holidays. Operations always continue due to high operating costs of ships, and situations such as suppliers and agencies will lose customers when they do not provide service. But working hours are usually reduced during holidays. For example, it may not operate after 5 pm, etc.

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Thanks for the insight!

Generally port tariffs charged by agencies are increased (pilotage, towage and other services)

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