Anchorage arrivals


When I search for port calls/expected arrivals for anchorages, even around very busy ports, I can only find very few vessels. What could be the reason for this? Is it because the vessels simply don’t report this or is there some other reason?

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Yes, generally vessel don’t report when at anchorage hence you can’t see it in arrivals for anchorage generally they mark it in port terminal / berth as final destination.

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Dhruvin Patel


Thank you for your response :pray:

Hi @dhruvin ,

Thanks for shedding light on this. It’s intriguing how vessels mark their final destination as the port terminal/berth rather than the anchorage. Could you elaborate on why this practice is common? Is it more of a logistical decision, a regulatory requirement, or perhaps influenced by other operational factors? Your insights would be invaluable for many of us trying to understand the intricacies of maritime operations better.

Looking forward to your thoughts!