How many ship suppliers are there in the world?

Considering that the there 1000 IMPA suppliers, and around 2000 ISSA member suppliers. How many suppliers are there in the world, as an estimate? Quite potentially, smaller suppliers may not be able clear the bar necessary to join these organizations, so I suspect the number could be much higher.

Due to the dynamic nature of the industry and the lack of comprehensive global data, it is challenging to provide an exact figure for the number of ship suppliers worldwide.

But you right in your assessment; the real figures are much higher than the number of members you see in global networks and associations like ISSA or IMPA. I believe this number is somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000, probably around 75,000. For reference, Shipserv has about 45,000 ship suppliers registered on their platform.

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Thank you for your answer @aydin-mammadov this is quite insightful!

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I fully agree with @aydin-mammadov 's point of view. His estimate falls in line with what I’ve also observed in the maritime industry. It’s important to remember that not every supplier in this field is part of an organized network or association. Some may be smaller local suppliers who provide specialized services or cater to niche markets.

In addition, consider the vastness and diversity of the global shipping industry - it covers an incredibly wide array of goods and services, from ship parts and machinery to food supplies and maintenance services. This diversity gives rise to a large number of suppliers all over the world.

It’s also important to note that in some parts of the world, the ship supply industry is still largely informal and unorganized. These suppliers might not be officially registered and may operate on a smaller scale or part-time basis.