Dangerous situation at sea

Recently, I read the interesting blog and I want to share and get your opinions about it. 3 situation is described as a dangerous situation.

Murky or dirty water- Observe the water quality. If it is murky, identify the affected area and if it is murky in a particular section, avoid the affected area. Sometimes the whole body may be dirty, nevertheless follow all steps before entering the water.

Even wave break - The waves should break evenly before another follows. There should not be any gaps between waves that do not break. This could mean the wave is being forced back before it breaks.

Swirling water- Beware of swirling pools of water and avoid them at any cost. Besides sucking you under the water surface, they will also ensure that you’re dragged deep down in the water body.

The solution to survive in these situations is the following.

Instead of fighting the current and swimming to the shore, you should actually turn and swim out towards the water body. This will let you move and while doing this swim towards the edges of the current if visible. This works because the further you go from the shore, the weaker the current will flow. This will let you come out of the vicious circle within the dangerous rip current. Then you can swim back to shore in calmer waters beyond it boundaries.

Such a piece of information should be provided at training and seafarers should know basic survive ways


yeah, sometimes these are provided at the beginning of the journey, but some of them ignore and see such training as time-consuming stuff. It should be illegal but they take benefit from non-existence of control