Ship Agency reports

What kind of documents ship agents generally prepare during port calls? and to whom they send them?

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hi @chingiz,

As a ship agent, one typically handles a variety of documents during a port call. Here’s a general outline:

  1. Statement of Facts (SOF): This document includes all activities that occur during the vessel’s port call, like arrival, berthing, commencement and completion of operations, and departure. The SOF is normally shared with the ship owner, charterer, and sometimes with the port authorities.
  2. Port Log: This is another form of SOF but in more detail and specific to the ship. The Port Log is usually maintained for the ship owner’s reference.
  3. Notice of Readiness (NOR): The NOR is provided to the charterer (or sometimes the terminal) to indicate that the vessel has arrived and is ready to load or discharge cargo.
  4. Cargo Documents: The nature of these documents can vary depending on the cargo type. For example, there could be Bills of Lading, Cargo Manifests, Stowage Plans, Dangerous Goods Declarations, etc. These are shared with the relevant parties including charterers, receivers, shippers, and customs authorities.
  5. Crew List and Passenger List: These documents are prepared for immigration and port authorities, detailing the people aboard the ship.
  6. Certificate of Origin: This is required for specific cargoes and must be presented to customs.
  7. Proforma Disbursement Account (PDA): This outlines the expected port costs for the owner and is sent to the ship owner or manager. After port call, a Final Disbursement Account (FDA) is prepared showing actual costs.
  8. Reports and communications: Agents are the primary line of communication between the ship and various entities such as charterers, terminal operators, and port authorities. So, there may be several reports and letters sent to these parties.

The list is not exhaustive, and there might be other documentation requirements depending on the port, the nature of the ship, its cargo, and the specific regulations of a country or the shipping company.