Predicting the next maintenance time and location of vessels


Other than known annual or 5-year survey/inspection schedules of vessels, what sort of data or analysis can be used to predict the next dry docking even of a vessel and which shipyard it is likely to visit?


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Certainly, @aydin-mammadov , predicting a vessel’s next dry docking and its chosen shipyard is a nuanced task. Past maintenance patterns can hint at future needs, while real-time performance data, like engine anomalies or fuel consumption spikes, can signal imminent servicing. The vessel’s age and operational environment, such as harsh conditions or varying water salinity, can also influence maintenance frequency. Regulatory changes or a vessel’s compliance history might necessitate proactive docking. Often, ship owners lean towards shipyards they’ve previously used, but economic factors, like cost and location, can alter this preference. External events or geopolitical situations can further complicate predictions. Lastly, feedback from the crew, with their hands-on experience, provides invaluable insights into the vessel’s condition.

In short, by synthesizing this myriad of information, we can make informed guesses about a vessel’s dry docking trajectory.

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yes 100 % correct - we are doing this since quite a while: