MagicPort Agency - How to add Agreement tariffs with Principals?

The MagicPort Agency module allows users to add their agreements and tariffs with individual principals to the system, which can then be utilized when creating PDAs (Proforma Disbursement Accounts) or FDAs (Final Disbursement Accounts).

Steps to Add Agreements and Tariffs:

  1. Navigate to KPIs > Principals.
  2. Select the principal with whom you have an agreement.
  3. On the principal’s page, go to Agreements > Tariff, and then click +Add Tariff.
  4. Specify the services covered by the agreement, the applicable ports, and the validity period.

Applying Agreements and Tariffs in Disbursements:

When managing disbursements, you can click the Agreements button to apply the relevant tariffs associated with that specific client.

For a visual guide, you can watch the process here: