Launch of MagicPort seafarer app

@furkan-zblbl - when do we expect the launch of MagicPort Seafarer App -

How can people sign up to be early users?

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Thanks for the question, Ali.

We plan to release the MagicPort App for Seafarers on the Google Play Store in the first week of April and on the Apple Store in the second week of April. I hope we can publish it in the promised time without any technical problems.

For early registration and detailed information about the application
you can visit: MagicPort App for Seafarers - MagicPort

Also we care about your suggestions and wishes for the application. You can also let us know your suggestions and requests.

With our application, we aim to improve the life quality of seafarers. We invite all seafarers to our mobile application, where we gather all seafarers together!

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Awesome, cannot wait to try! Thanks for the detailed response.

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