How to find an agency fast in a force majeure scenario?

I am wondering how does a ship owner / manager find an agency in a previously unfamiliar location in a force majeure or unexpected situation. What would be the steps they take, or tools they use to find an agency to help alleviate the situation, and ensure the safety and continuity of their operation?

In the vast and unpredictable world of maritime operations, a technical manager often finds themselves needing to secure an agency in unfamiliar locations, especially during force majeure scenarios. The first step usually involves tapping into a well-established network of contacts accumulated through years of managing various vessels. This network, often a goldmine of information, can provide recommendations and insights into reliable agencies in different ports worldwide.

Simultaneously, reaching out to the local port authority becomes an invaluable move. The authority can guide through a list of reputable agencies, ensuring that the chosen one adheres to the necessary standards and can provide the required assistance in times of need.

In today’s digital age, maritime platforms and applications serve as a robust resource, offering directories of agencies, complete with reviews and ratings, based on location. This digital assistance often becomes a quick and efficient way to identify a suitable agency, especially when time is of the essence.

Moreover, the maritime community, known for its tight-knit relationships, becomes a reliable resource. A technical manager might reach out to peers within the community, seeking trusted agency recommendations based on past experiences and collaborations.

Lastly, maintaining a list of emergency contacts, which includes agencies in various global ports, is a common practice and a safety net that has proven to be invaluable in numerous unexpected situations.

In the face of force majeure, a blend of swift action, reliable information, and leveraging available resources becomes the key to navigating through the challenges and ensuring the safety and continuity of operations.

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I still think personal connections and references are key when it comes to finding reliable partners be it an agency or some other service provider or supplier. Ship managers I have were all in multiple whatsapp groups where they seek and provide advice to each other.


In an unfamiliar location during a force majeure event, ship owners or managers typically find help by first reaching out to maritime networks such as port authorities or shipping associations for recommendations. They may also use the internet to search for local maritime agencies and read reviews from other ship operators. In urgent situations, they can contact local emergency response agencies or their ship’s flag state authorities for immediate assistance and guidance to ensure safety and operational continuity.