Green solutions for ship owners

What kind of green technology initiatives might be interesting for ship owners/operators or charterers? Are there any examples in the market right now

hi @chingiz
while thinking of green technology initiatives for ship owners/managers or charterers, the first thing comes to my mind is reporting. what specifically I think is, Emission Reporting Tools, with stricter environmental regulations, it’s crucial for ships to report their emissions accurately.
Digital tools (noon reporting, daily reports, etc) automate this process, gathering data from various sensors and compiling it into comprehensive reports that meet regulatory standards.

What might be interesting is the Green Award initiative…
This organization supports greener offices and greener fleets, and also advise with
latest developments.


Thanks Jeroen, I will take a look at it

One sure way of reducing emissions and improving the overall environmental performance of vessels is through enhancement of efficiency and reducing delays.

This can be achieved by providing digital solutions to ship managers that will optimize monitoring, routing, speed and even predictive maintenance. So even without any significant modifications or using advanced fuels they will be able to reduce their carbon footprint. I think any such solution will be very attractive to ship managers.