What is the maximum TEU capacity container ship?

What container ship has the max TEU capacity & who owns this vessel?

@ruzgar-zere there are about 40 container ships that carries around 24K TEUs which is the maximum capacity to carry.
Top 9 of them are more than 24 000 TEUs:

  • MSC Irina - 2023
  • MSC Loreto - 2023
  • OOCL Spain - 2023
  • MSC Tessa - 2023
  • MSC Celestino Maresca - 2023
  • MSC Gemma - 2023
  • Ever Alot - 2023
  • Ever Aria - 2023
  • Ever Atop - 2023

Source - Wikipedia

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As of March 2023, the container ship with the maximum TEU capacity is the MSC Irina and MSC Loreto, both of which have a capacity of 24,346 TEU. They are owned by Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the world’s largest container shipping company.

The MSC Irina and MSC Loreto are sister ships, and they were both built by Yangzijiang Shipbuilding in China. They are 399.9 meters long and 61.3 meters wide. They have a maximum speed of 22.6 knots.

These ships are a significant increase in capacity over the previous record holder, the Ever Ace, which has a capacity of 23,992 TEU. The MSC Irina and MSC Loreto are the first container ships to surpass the 24,000 TEU mark.

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