Sister ship concept

Hello everyone

Can someone explain the concept of sister ships or sister vessels? What is the significance of it? In what context can this information be a useful?


Hi @aydin-mammadov

While talking with some people from this field, they explained me the concept. The concept of “sister ships” or “sister vessels” refers to ships that are built based on the same design specifications. They come from the same class and are typically built in the same shipyard around the same time. While they might not be identical in every detail, sister ships share a common design and often have very similar features and layouts.


Certainly! Sister ships or sister vessels refer to ships of the same design. They are built based on the same blueprints and are part of the same series, often constructed in the same shipyard. While there might be minor variations or improvements from one ship to the next in the series, their fundamental design and layout remain consistent.

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