Critical port trends and analytics


What are important port activity-related trends/analytics that have business value for ship suppliers and service providers? One example that comes to mind is periodic/seasonal vessel traffic (volume) information. What kind of historic data or filters could be useful?


ello Aydin,

Important port activity-related trends and analytics that hold business value for ship suppliers and service providers include:

  1. Dwell Time Analysis: Monitoring the average time a vessel spends at a port can provide insights into port efficiency, potential congestion issues, and windows of opportunity for service providers.
  2. Type of Vessel Traffic: Understanding the mix of vessel types (e.g., container ships, tankers, bulk carriers) frequenting a port helps suppliers tailor their offerings.
  3. Cargo Throughput: Data on the types and quantities of cargo being loaded and unloaded can indicate the demand for specific supplies or services.
  4. Berth Occupancy Rates: High or low berth occupancy can indicate potential business opportunities or suggest times to avoid due to congestion.
  5. Turnaround Times: Faster turnaround times can indicate efficient port operations, which might attract more vessels, while longer times may suggest bottlenecks.
  6. Bunker Fuel Sales: Tracking the volume and type of bunker fuel sold at ports can indicate trends in fuel preferences and demand.
  7. Port State Control Inspections: Data on inspections and their outcomes can provide insights into the quality of vessels and potential areas of concern or opportunity for service providers.